About Drew

For the past 30 years, Drew has been playing racquetball at a highly competitive level.

Drew was introduced to racquetball at age 13 by his mother, Marie.  With the goal of one day winning a game from her, he began playing and taking lessons. By the time he was good enough to beat his "Womens B"-level mom, he could play competitively in juniors. The sport has been a passion in his life ever since.

As a Junior, Drew won several singles and doubles titles in each age division and acquired a national ranking and was able to compete in the Junior National Championships. At age 17, he began teaching beginner and intermediate lessons at the YMCA.

He played on the college team at Southern Illinois University where he placed second in the National Intercollegiate Racquetball Championships.

Since college, Drew has played Open level racquetball from coast-to-coast and currently enjoys sharing his passion with those who are eager to learn.